Hello, I’m your new experience maker. I make hundreds of gelatin shots in minutes. I’m fast, easy to use and profitable.


We’d like to invite you to stand apart

Chances are you’re looking for ways to differentiate your location. It’s not easy to be original, attract new guests and keep people coming back. With unrivaled consistency and taste, Jevo Shots let leading brands like Legends,
Live Nation, MGM Resorts, AMF, and Royal Caribbean focus on what’s most important…the experience.

"It’s a no-brainer that equals bigger check averages, happy guests and ton of Instagrams"
Tim Ryll, Beverage Director
Four Corners Tavern Group (Chicago)

“I can’t imagine a faster or easier way to grow our bar program." 
Doron Mashal, Owner
Breeze Daiquiri Bar (Las Vegas)

“Jevo gives us a way to add the right mix of choice to our drink program and create an experience that’s compelling enough for customers to come back.”
Steve Ford, Owner
Winners & Losers (Nashville)


There’s a huge difference between making gelatin shots with Jevo and making them by hand


You spin me right round baby, right round

Interact with Jevo


Jevo is fast and intuitive

Powered by automated technology, Jevo reduces the 4 to 5-hour manual process down to minutes. It even does most of the cleaning.

Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Just insert your flavor pod, add your spirit and let Jevo do all the work. All you need to do is serve and take all the credit. 


Gelatin shots – now without limitations

Standing apart is about the way YOU do it

One key feature is Jevo’s precise pour technology. It adds exactly half an ounce of alcohol to each shot, ensuring every shot is consistently made and always tastes great while minimizing waste and controlling costs.


Awesome flavor variety and squeezable cups? Check.

Jevo flavor pods make 20 - 1.5oz Jevo Shots. There’s no mixing or mess and the flavors taste great with just about any spirit choice. Whether you choose our recipes or create signature craft shots of your own, Jevo will do all the heavy lifting. And the cups are provided with the flavor pods so your guests can enjoy their Jevo Shot without sticky fingers.




We provide all that you need to activate Jevo successfully

Jevo Program.jpg


  • Jevo

  • Jevo Shot display fridge

  • Shipping & installation

  • Marketing POS starter kit

  • Stackable shot trays

  • LED serving tray

  • Auto-replenishment for flavor pods

  • Dedicated client success support


Jevo saves you a ton of time. It also helps you make serious amounts of incremental revenue

Estimate your net profit in a few easy steps


* Adjust sliders to change values.


Ready to learn more?


We provide multiple options to acquire Jevo, from outright purchase to our new placement programs. All options provide high-profits and serious incremental revenue. Talk to your Jevo rep to learn which program is best for you.



How many shots per case of flavor pods?

Each case has 30 pods to make a total of 600 Jevo Shots. Cups are included.

How do I install Jevo?

It’s easy: you just need 110w power, ¼” water line, internet connection and access to a waste drain. Download the pre-install checklist

How fast can I get my Jevo?

We’re quick to ship! Usually 1-2 days after you have confirmed pre-install requirements. Shipping transit times range between 4 and 7 days.


First We Feast: “Meet Jevo, the Keurig of Jello Shots”

Bar Business Magazine: “Forget everything you think you know about making jello shots.”

Chicago Tribune: “Jevo makes the job a snap.”