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Food and Beverage Innovations was founded in December 2012 in Portland, Oregon, when two entrepreneurs came together with the idea to simplify the messy, time-consuming process of making gelatin. Introducing Jevo, the first fully automated gelatin making machine.

Jeff Jetton and Tyler Williams founded Food and Beverage Innovations to provide solutions to the food and beverage industry that eliminate the manual process of making gelatin through innovation in product, process and technology. Jevo reduces the 4 to 5 hour process of making gelatin to about 10 minutes, resulting in 20 great tasting gelatin cups or gelatin shots in endless flavor profiles. Jevo is designed for commercial use in bars, restaurants, casinos, resorts, cruise lines, family entertainment centers and more, with the goal to expand into other markets, including home and healthcare, with future models of Jevo.

Jeff, the former founder, President and CEO of Auctionpay and Card Capture Services, has over 25 years experience in building successful technology based companies. Tyler has over 15 years of combined business experience, with 7 years owning and operating multiple restaurants and nightclubs including Bettie Ford, East Chinatown Lounge and Split Dine and Drink. Together, they form a dynamic entrepreneurial duo to bring Jevo to market.


We did it! We invented the world's first fully automated gelatin making machine. But it's not just about great tasting gelatin shots. For us, it's also about providing innovative solutions that promote operational efficiency, and we're taking our mission beyond the food and beverage industry. Think about Jevo with vitamins & supplements for the fitness space, healthcare and even for the home! Yeah, we’re going BIG!

We encourage innovative thinking, CRAZY IDEAS and collaboration! Are you a creative person who dares to challenge the way things are done? Are you looking for an opportunity to make an impact and grow a company, brand and product from its inception into a huge global success?

At Food + Beverage Innovations you will have the opportunity to work alongsideour team of proven entrepreneurs and dynamic employees who are excited about launching and growing Jevo into a global success. We are, at the core, an innovative startup of agile, creative thinkers, and collaborators.


We are located in Portland, Oregon with easy access to the Bridgeport Mall, restaurants, and more. And inside our office you’ll find a ping pong table in the lobby, collaborative work spaces, a fresh pot of coffee and a fridge full of Jevo gelatin shots. 


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