Jevo Case Study: The Pit Stop 

On-premise sales impact

Jevo gets results. As a test of the impact a single Jevo machine can have on on-premise sales, the Jevo team ran a product test at The Pit Stop, a casual neighborhood sports bar in Portland, Oregon not previously selling gelatin edible shots.

The outcome speaks for itself: Because of Jevo, The Pit Stop sold 345 gelatin edible shots and 40 quick chilled shots in just 3 days, accounting for 9 total bottle sales of premium brands that the bar didn’t even carry beforehand.

“We’ve tried doing gelatin syringe shots in the past, but gave up because the time and mess involved are a hassle,” says Danielle Rosendahl, general manager of The Pit Stop as well as two locations of its sister restaurant On Deck Sports Bar & Grill. “Jevo fixes that and opens up a new source of revenue while keeping my staff focused on what matters most: selling! With Jevo, I foresee opportunities to up-sell on busy game days and run shot specials to drive in a crowd on nights that have been traditionally low-traffic.”

The test was designed to recreate the way typical on-premise customers will use the Jevo: The unit was positioned on the back bar, with JEVOMEDIA promoting brand and drink specials on the large LED screen, the illuminated bottle display highlighting the spirits used in the shots, waitresses making rounds with a tray of gelatin shots during peak hours, and table tents and a “drink specials” board to inform patrons about the new edible cocktail and shot options.

Rosendahl, for one, was convinced. “If I can differentiate my locations from the competition and increase revenue, I am a fan,” she says.