+ What is Jevo?

Jevo is the world's first (and only) automated gelatin shot machine. It takes the pain out of making gelatin shots and reduces what used to be a four hour process down to minutes. And because it takes so little time to make Jevo shots, it's nearly impossible to run out.

Not only does Jevo save you a ton of time, it also offers quality, speed of service and liquor cost control for your beverage program to stand apart and seriously grow incremental sales.

+ How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply put in one of our 11 proprietary flavor pods, choose a liquor, and hit Go. In just minutes, you'll have 20 Jevo shots. There is no need for mixing or measuring, and no messy process. Jevo rinses itself after the batch of shots are made. The rinse cycle is meant to prevent cross contamination of flavor pods. It does all the work so you don't have to.

Jevo includes a feature called Craft Shots, which gives you the ability to add mixers and create edible cocktails that are authentic to your bar.

+ What are the dimension and weight?

The unit is 19” W x 21” D x 20” H and similar in size to other backbar machines currently in the market (i.e. shot chilling machines). These dimensions are for the unit itself. With the top lid open (required to make shots), the machine is 30”. To set bottles on the bottle display, 33” is required. Jevo weighs 80 lbs.

+ How do I clean it?

Jevo has two automatic cleaning cycles; the post batch rinse, and deep clean upon shutting down. Manual cleaning cycles include pod clean, reservoir clean, and assisted clean. Assisted clean is required once a week (see user manual).

+ Does Jevo supply the mix for the gelatin shots?

Yes, the mix is in each pod. Each flavor pod contains the right amount of gelatin mix to make 20 consistently made shots.

+ What flavors are available?

We have 11 delicious varieties of Jevo flavor pods:

  • AppleTINI
  • Birthday Cake
  • Lemon Burst
  • Margarita Limeville
  • Orange Blossom
  • Peachy Keen
  • Piña Colada
  • Strawberry Lemonade
  • Watermelon Wave
  • Wild Cherry
  • Plain Jane, the "un-flavor pod" that preserves the preserves the flavor from the spirit and any mixers you add. This lets you create super authentic-tasting edible cocktails with virtually any spirit.

Each Jevo arrives with a full-color recipe book containing 44 simple recipes and tips for creating your own edible cocktails that are delicious, exciting, and authentic to your bar.

+ How many pods are in a case?

Each case holds 30 flavor pods and 30 packs of shot cups. Exact dimensions of the case are 18” W x 17.5” D x 6” H. Each case can make 600 shots.

+ How do Jevo shots taste?

Great! Our flavors elevate the taste and experience for everyone involved: consumers, our clients and our brand partners. Jevo's precise pour technology ensures that every shot is consistent. In standard mode, Jevo adds exactly half an ounce of spirit to each shot.

Our Craft Shots setting infuses each shot with a full ounce of whatever you pour in. This now means you can add mixers without sacrificing alcohol content and create edible cocktails that are authentic to your bar.

+ What about serving cups?

20 patented easy-to-squeeze serving cups are included with each flavor pod at no additional cost, so you'll have everything you need to make shots. Our cups are made out of recyclable plastic, check with your local recycling facility for details.

+ How many gelatin shots can Jevo make?

Jevo makes 20 gelatin shots per batch in just minutes with no need for standby time in between batches. After a quick clean, Jevo is ready to go again.

+ How much do Jevo shots cost?

The national average is $3 per gelatin shot, but there are a lot of variables that can influence the price, including the local market and spirit used to make the shots. Promotional pricing encourages volume sales, so it's not uncommon to see promotions offering multiple Jevo shots for a discounted price. Jevo shots are estimated to generate an average of a 70% to 80% profit margin. Being gelatin are usually purchased in bulk, we suggest setting your pricing at $2, $3 or $4 whichever works best for your market. (i.e. $3 for 10), depending on your market.

+ How do I serve Jevo shots?

Lots of ways!

The Jevo prep tray is designed with the operator's time in mind. With our patented tray system, Jevo shots can be served right out of the tray they were made in, or they can be sold individually at the bar.

Our eye-catching illuminated LED serving tray holds 20 Jevo shots and can be carried around your location as an easy way to boost sales.

The trays come with a lid and stack nicely for a tiny 10.5" x 10.5" footprint. Now, fridge space is no longer an issue. We also have recyclable plastic shot cup lids available, which are perfect for outdoor locations such as pools, cabanas, and music venues.

+ How long are gelatin shots good for?

For an optimal experience, gelatin shots are intended to be consumed within three days. For the best customer experience, we recommend serving Jevo shots as fresh as possible and keeping them covered and well chilled.

+ Are Jevo shots gluten free?

Yes. Jevo flavor pod blends do not contain any wheat gluten.

+ What types of liquor can I put into the machine?

Nearly any liquor can be used with Jevo, creating unlimited flavor combinations. Of course, we can't test every liquor on the planet. So, be conscious of cream-based, gold flake or any other liquor that has a high viscocity or other elements that could potentially clog Jevo's system.

+ Where does the water come from?

Jevo is hard plumbed, similar to a coffee maker. We will send out our installer to hook up the machine to your existing filtered water source. Technicians cannot participate in any plumbing activity. (In-line filter required if water source is unfiltered.)

+ Are the flavor pods and serving cups recyclable?

Yes. Unlike many of the other pod systems in the market, Jevo serving cups and flavor pods are made from polypropylene and are recyclable. We are super excited about that.

+ Can I buy Jevo for my home?

Jevo Home is currently in development. For more information and to sign up for updates, please visit www.jevohome.com.

+ What happens if something breaks? Is there a warranty?

We hope that never happens, but if it does we have you covered. Jevo has a built-in set of features that proactively monitors the machine and alerts us of any performance issues, allowing us to react quickly and minimize any potential down-time. This feature requires Jevo is connected to the internet, via WIFI or ethernet cable. Our purchase program comes with a one year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor for defective components. Our placement program comes with a lifetime warranty.

+ Where do you recommend I place my Jevo unit?

Most of our customers install Jevo on the backbar; however, many customers install it in the kitchen and use the Jevo Shot display fridge at the point of sale.

+ Is Jevo available for lease or purchase?

Jevo is available for purchase or you can get Jevo with one of our placement programs. Most of our customers who purchase Jevo achieve ROI within about 60 days.

Jevo is the only product of its kind, so we're not surprised you have questions. If you don't see the answer to your question above, feel free to email us at info@getjevo.com or call 888-491-3772.