Jevo profit calculator

This simple calculator helps you determine how much annual profit jevo will create for your location


Step 1: Choose the Jevo model that's best for your bar (The Quick Prep Jevo is perfect for most locations) 

Step 2: Select the selling price for your shots (the average shot price is $2.50)

Step 3: Estimate your monthly sales volume (the average is 2,500 shots)

Step 4: Enter your liquor bottle cost and bottle size (usually between $7-11 for 750mL)


After clicking “calculate,” you will find your cost of goods, profit margin, net annual profit and the number of days it will take for Jevo to pay for itself.


The Jevo program includes shipping and installation, refrigerated shot display, POS starter kit, 10 trays and lids, customer portal, social media support, JevoMedia advertising platform, a dedicated account representative, and four cases of flavor pods.

Each case of flavor pods contains 600 servings, with cups included. Four cases will typically generate enough incremental revenue to pay for the Jevo program.... and after that it's pure profit. Cheers to that! Jevo prepares 20 shots in 3 minutes, up to 300 shots per hour. All that's left is to place them in the fridge to chill and they'll be ready to serve in 35 to 40 minutes.