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+ What is Jevo?

Jevo is the world’s first fully automated gelatin shot maker. It makes 20 delicious gelatin shots in just minutes, without the messy process and long waiting hours to set.

Similar in concept to the Keurig coffee & Soda Stream solutions, you simply insert your proprietary flavor pod and press go. It is fast and eliminates the hassle and waste from human error.

It also delivers digital promotions at the point of decision, and has a low profile sidekick that does quick chilled shots taking up minimal real estate on your back bar

+ How does it work?

It’s easy! Simply put in your favorite proprietary Jevo flavor pod, choose your liquor of choice and hit “go”. In just minutes, 20 Jevo shots are ready to eat. There is no mixing, measuring,or messy process...Jevo does all the work so you don't have to.

+ When will Jevo arrive to my location?

Jevo will begin shipping in the US beginning Spring 2016, Right now, you can reserve your unit by clicking here.

+ What are the dimension and weight?

The unit is approximately 16” W x 17” D x 20” H and similar in size to other backbar machines currently in the market (i.e. shot chilling machines). The final production weight is under 100lbs.

+ How do I clean it?

We’ve got you covered. Jevo is 98% self-cleaning with an automated water flushing system that cleans Jevo at the end of every batch, ensuring your Jevo shots taste perfect every time.

+ What is JevoChill?

JevoChill is a quick-chilled shot machine specifically designed to work with Jevo. Unlike common liquor chilling machines, it dispenses a variety of spirits, tracks the number of shots poured, and uses the same Precise Pour technology used in Jevo to prevent waste from overpour, helping you bring down your liquor costs! Learn more here.

+ What flavors are available?

Jevo’s proprietary flavor pods are designed to work specifically with Jevo. Each Jevo pod contains everything but your liquor of choice to simplify the process of making 20 shots in just minutes.

+ What flavors are available?

Our goal is to keep your customers coming back for more and right now we have 10 great tasting flavors perfected with more to come. We currently have 3 categories of shots, from traditional gelatin shots like Lemon and Cherry, cocktail-inspired varieties like Piña Colada and Margarita, and even Birthday Cake.

+ Can I create my own flavor pod?

Beginning in 2016, Jevo partners will be able to work with us to build custom, proprietary flavor profiles optimized for their brand. Not only will this increase brand consumption, it will help bartenders and mixologists to create perfectly tasting Jevo gelatin shots, which will, in turn, drive incremental new revenue for the accounts. Please contact us at for more information.

+ How do the Jevo shots taste?

Great! Our flavors elevate the taste and experience for everyone involved: consumers, our clients and our brand partners. Jevo adds exactly half an ounce of spirit to each shot and makes each Jevo shot perfect;u with just the right amount of flavor spirit consistency.

+ What about serving cups?

Jevo dispenses directly into the proprietary easy to squeeze cups specifically designed to work with Jevo. They are even recyclable!

+ How much will the serving cups cost?

The cups are supplied with the flavor pods at no additional cost.

+ How many gelatin shots can Jevo make?

Jevo makes 20 gelatin shots per round in minutes with no need for standby time in between batches. After a quick clean, Jevo is ready to go again.

+ How much do the Jevo shots cost?

The national average is $2.50 per gelatin shot, but there are a lot of variables that can influence the price, including the local market and spirit used to make the shots. Promotional pricing encourages volume sales, so it is not uncommon to see promotions offering multiple Jevo shots for a discounted price. Jevo shots are estimated to generate 70%-80% profit margins for the location on average. We recommend viewing the pricing chart on this page to understand how your shot price impacts your net annual profit.

+ Jevo shots Vs. Edible cocktails, what's the difference?

Jevo shot is a branded term and specifically refers to the gelatin shots made using Jevo's patented process and the high-quality ingredients. Gelatin shots and edible cocktails are synonymous and used at the discretion of the account based on the experience created for their patrons. Sometimes gelatin shots are called "jelly" shots, especially outside of the U.S. Gelatin shots usually feature a range of traditional flavors, such as lemon, orange and cherry and are traditionally paired with vodka. Edible cocktails have a broader range of sophistication, entailing flavors like margarita and pina colada and are commonly enhanced with a garnish. The term itself can refer to products not necessarily involving gelatin. The Jevo shot process uses precisely measured ingredients, a proprietary perfectly-flavored gelatin blend, and quick chill technology to ensure consistency. They pair with almost any spirit you can imagine.

+ Is there an easy method to serving them?

The tray is designed with the bartender's time in mind. It is used with Jevo's shot cups, enabling the 20 Jevo shots to be served as fast as they can come out of the chilling drawer. With the patented tray system, bartenders can easily promote and serve individual Jevo shots around the bar or serve all 20 to a group of patrons at once. The trays come with a lid and stack nicely for a tiny 10.5" x 10.5" footprint. Now, fridge space is no longer an issue.

+ How long are gelatin shots good for?

For an optimal experience, gelatin shots are intended to be consumed usually within 1-3 days, if not the same day. For the best customer experience, we recommend serving them as fresh as possible and keeping them well chilled.

+ Are Jevo shots gluten free?

Yes. Jevo flavor pod blends do not contain any wheat gluten.

+ What types of liquor can I put into the machine?

Nearly any liquor can be used in Jevo, creating unlimited mixology for the bartender. Of course, we can't test every liquor on the planet. So, be conscious of cream based, gold flake or any other liquor that has a low viscocity or elements that could potentially clog Jevo's system.

+ Where does the water come from?

Jevo is hard plumbed, similar to your fridge or coffee maker. We will send out our installer to meet Jevo and get you all set up and ready to make money!

+ Is Jevo available in countries outside the US?

We are focused on launching Jevo in the North American markets; however, we are currently in discussions with multiple partners globally. If you are located outside of the U.S., please email us at for more information.

+ Are the flavor pods and serving cups recyclable?

Yes. Unlike many of the other pod systems in the market, Jevo serving cups and flavor pods are made from polypropylene and are recyclable. We are super excited about that.

+ How do I become a partner?

Please contact us at for more information.

+ Can I buy a Jevo for my home?

The Jevo Home unit is currently in development and is expected to be available in 2017. For more information about Jevo Home, please visit

+ What happens if something breaks? Is there a warranty?

We hope that never happens, but if it does we have your covered. Jevo has a built-in set of features that proactively monitors the machine and alerts us of any performance issues, allowing us to react quickly and minimize any potential down-time. Jevo comes with a 1-year comprehensive warranty on parts and labor for defective components.

+ What is Jevomedia™?

JEVOMEDIA™ is an easy to use web based digital advertising platform and is located on the front of Jevo. JEVOMEDIA lets you rotate static digital ads or video promotions in real-time to the large digital screen. For more information, please visit the JEVOMEDIA™ page.

+ Where do you recommend I place my Jevo unit?

Jevo is intended to be placed on your backbar near the point of sale. To get the most out of your Jevo unit, ensure it is easily accessible by the bartender and the front advertising screen has the highest visibility for patrons for the greatest sales impact.

+ How much does Jevo cost?

With your bottom line in mind, we offer multiple ways to acquire Jevo. All options offer a super fast ROI, allowing you to generate serious profits...quickly! Please email or call us at 888.491.3772 and together we will determine which option is best for you.