web-based digital advertising platform for Jevo

With simple scheduling and content management, ads are deployed in real-time to three large digital screens on the front and sides of Jevo.

Offering video and static digital advertisements, JEVOMEDIA engages consumers and bartenders at their point of decision in bars, restaurants and nightclubs...providing advertisers a high impact advertising platform with 100% share of voice for the advertising brand. 


+ 100% share of voice for your brand
+ Promote new and existing products
+ Target messages directly to bartenders
+ Increase brand recognition & drive sales
+ Differentiate your brand from the competition
+ Sell more spirits!



JEVOMEDIA for accounts provides locations with a unique promotional advertising platform behind the bar.  Promote your brand, events, featured food & beverage offerings, jello + edible shots, sports promotions and more!


JEVOMEDIA for brands provides spirit brands and suppliers with 100% share of voice right behind the bar within select accounts nationwide.


The JEVOMEDIA user interface is easy-to-use. Just design your ad, drag-and-drop the ad into the JEVOMEDIA interface, choose your run times, and publish.

JEVOMEDIA supports video, flash and graphic images, giving you the opportunity to mix-and-match your ads and promotions.

Interested in learning more or advertising with JEVOMEDIA?