It's Easy!

Simply select your spirit of choice, pop in a Jevo flavor pod and hit “go”. Minutes later, 20 ready-to-eat gelatin shots are ready to be served. With no more messy process and long waiting hours to set, your team can spend more time on what matters most, selling!


Choose Flavor

Select Any Spirit

And Go!



Jevo uses precise pour technology to eliminate waste and control liquor costs, adding exactly half an ounce of spirit to each gelatin shot.


Fast, On-demand

Never Run Out of Shots Again


Jevo has two preparation modes, so now you never have to worry about an empty fridge getting in the way of your potential profits. "Ready To Eat" makes 20 fully set, ready to eat gelatin shots in minutes. "Quick Prep" mode is even faster, dispensing 20 partially chilled shots that finish setting in the fridge. This is a helpful option for large quantities requiring back-to-back batches.