The Jevo Program

We've set out to make it easy for operators
to activate Jevo successfully



  • Jevo
    Fits on the back bar
    19” W x 21 “D x 20” H

  • Jevo shot display fridge
    Small : 14.6” x 16.0” x 24.2”
    Large : 14.6” x 16.0” x 31.5”

  • Shipping & installation

  • Marketing POS starter kit

  • Stackable shot trays

  • LED serving trays

  • Auto-replenishment for flavor pods

  • Dedicated client success support


Ready to learn more?

We provide multiple options to order your Jevo, from outright purchase to our new placement programs. All options provide high-profits and serious incremental revenue. Talk to your rep to learn which program is best for you.



 Program Support

The Jevo program provides added services to promote your sales and operational efficiency


Our bartop machine and digital display allows you to reach your guests with custom ads where it counts—at the point of decision. With JevoMedia, you can give your branded promotional content further reach, impact, and most importantly, the ability to boost sales.

POS Marketing

The starter kit provides you with all the essentials to begin producing revenue the day you install your Jevo. The starter kit includes table tents, coasters, digital ads, marketing assets, training content and social media support.


Customer Portal

Do business when it's convenient for you. With your customer portal, you can access shot making and order activity data. You can conveniently order more products and manage your auto-replenishment preferences here too.


No more running out of shots. Jevo tracks flavor pod orders and usage, then sends you more before you run out.


Customer Success

Because we're in it for the long haul, our customer success team will be ready to help you from the moment you order Jevo. They’re especially good and helping you get the most out of your program.

Recipe Support

Our mixology team develops recipes for us to regularly share with our customers. Keep an eye on Jevo's Instagram account so you don't miss a thing when we post our brand-new recipes.