The Jevo program

We've set out to make it easy for operators to be at full throttle with Jevo in no-time.
The program includes:


POS Advertising with JevoMedia
POS Promotional Content
Jevo Shot Recipe Guide Book
Gelatin Shot Preperation Trays

Flavor Pod Auto-Replenishment
Marketing Partner Programs
Ongoing Marketing Support
Dedicated Account Manager
and more...



Our bartop automated gelatin shot maker allows you to reach your patrons with custom ads where it counts - at the point of decision.
With JevoMedia, you can change your ads on the fly or put them on custom schedules, giving your promotional content farther reach, impact and most importantly, the ability to boost sales.

Turnkey promotional content


From POS marketing to social media content, staff training material to recipe ideas, the Starter Kit provides you with all the essentials to activate your program and begin producing incremental revenue quickly. Download the Starter Kit Intro Sheet.


Bartender's Jevo Shot Recipe Book
Staff Training Content
Jevo Shot Prep Trays
Select Jevo + Beam Suntory® Branded Content (optional)

Jevo Shot Coasters
Jevo Shot Table Tents
Jevo Branded Bar Rail Mats
JevoMedia Digital Ads
Side Panel Display Ads For Your Jevo


Jevo program support

The Jevo program goes beyond promotional content with added services that promote operational efficiency.


Customer portal

Do business when it's convenient for you. With your dedicated customer portal you are able to access shot making and order activity data. You can conveniently order more products and manage your auto replenishment preferences here too.

Auto replenishment

Say goodbye to stockouts. Jevo tracks flavor pod orders and usage, then sends you more before you run out.


Dedicated account manager

From the moment you order Jevo, your dedicated account manager will help you successfully deploy and maintain a your program.


Because we're in it for the long haul, our client success team will be ready to help you or your agency build custom staff training, menus, and consumer engagements targeted to drive conversions and velocity.



Leverage add-on services provided by our supporting partners to take your program to the next level. Ask your Jevo rep to learn more.


This is fast. Easy. PROFITABLE.
This is Jevo. MAKE IT YOURS.